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Anonymous asked: man i just wanna be beautiful like sean pablo.. being ugly sucks cus you can't do anything about it


you can work out and get in really good shape to improve your body, read a lot and get more education to make yourself more interesting, dress well to look the best you can, groom yourself well and keep up on dental hygiene, learn a new skill and get good at things to be talented at whatever you want to, let go of your anger be positive so that people will want to be around you and you’ll naturally attract other positive people to you. the people you want in your life are the ones who can look past your physical appearance and enjoy and appreciate you for what’s inside. besides, to me the best looking people aren’t the ones who are classically handsome or pretty, it’s those whose imperfections make them who they are. be confident in yourself, because that’s all you have. i’ve seen some of the least attractive people, in society’s view, attract very good-looking people just by confidence and being secure with themselves.



this is sad

This is so perfect in so many ways.

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"You filled me with a wild desire to know everything about life."

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Under Your Spell - Desire

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more interested in developing alternative ways of exposing product.