"I have spent a lot of time consuming instead of creating. Browsing other people’s blogs. Looking at other people’s images. Reading other people’s stories. I have found myself valuing the already completed work of others more than the in-progress work of my own.

Reading about other people’s stories is only inspiring to a point. Eventually you have to turn it off and sit at a desk and hammer it out. You have to embrace that not-as-enjoyable part because that’s the part when it’s actually happening.

You want to make stuff? Make it. You want to write stuff? Write it. You want to do something different? Do it. Get in and be inspired, but then get out. And then get to work."


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"Sometimes I go for days without speaking to a soul. I think, “I should make that call”, but I put it off. Because there’s something pleasurable about not talking. But then I love talking, so it’s not that. But sometimes it can be nice. It’s not like I sit here philosophizing, because I’ve no talent for that. It’s just this thing about silence that’s so wonderful."

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